What makes private education worth the cost when public education is available for free? This is a question that every parent who is considering private school must ask during the decision making process. Private education can provide your child with a number of valuable benefits inside and outside of the classroom. Three of the most valuable benefits of private education include smaller class size, access to individualized instruction, and unique learning opportunities.

Smaller class size

A big benefit of private education is the small class size. The number of students in the private classroom is intentionally kept small in order to maximize the learning of each student. Large classes are more difficult to manage because of the behavior of students and the ability of the teacher to address issues. There is a limit to how much one teacher can do with a classroom full of students. Because of this, large classrooms can be full of distractions and disruptive behavior. When the teacher to student ratio is smaller – as is the case in private school – distractions can be minimized because the teacher has the ability to quickly and effectively address any disruptions that arise. A smaller class size also provides students with easier access to the teacher and classroom resources. This access to the teacher and classroom resources allows students to get their questions answered and dive into topics on a deep level.

Individualized instruction

As mentioned above, the smaller class size in private school provides students with easier access to the teacher and classroom resources. The design of private education also makes individualized instruction a possibility. In a small, private school classroom the teacher has the ability to design learning plans for each individual student. If you have a student who is advanced the teacher will provide instruction designed to engage and challenge your student. And, when your student needs a little extra time with a concept, the teacher can adjust the learning plan to reflect the needs of the student. Individualized instruction is a benefit of private education that can have a significant influence on the trajectory of your child’s education.

Unique learning opportunities

In public schools it can be difficult to bring in new and innovative curriculum because of the significant amount of red tape. Public programs are partially funded by the state which means they must comply with a long list of standards set forth by the state. In private education, teachers and administrators are not encumbered by this red tape. They have the ability to provide unique learning opportunities based on the needs and interests of the students.

These are just three of the many benefits that your child will receive from private education. As you explore private education as an option you will find that there are many more potential benefits for your student. You can learn more about private education in general and Montessori education in particular on the Fountainhead Montessori blog.    

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