Weighing the Pros and Cons of Enrolling Your Child in Private School

13, Jul 2021

Making the decision to enroll your child is private school can impact your child and your family in a number of ways. Private school is different from public school. It is important to weight the pros and cons of enrolling your child in private school so you can make an informed decision.

Freedom with curriculum and classroom design

Private school programs have freedom with curriculum and classroom design. This means that a private school can choose elements like the curriculum, how it is taught, and determine the roles that the teachers and students play in the classroom. This level of freedom is a departure from the design of public programs. In public school, the state mandates what must be taught and has strict parameters regarding how the information is to be taught. Public programs are designed to ensure that every student has access to the same level of education.

The freedom that private schools have when it comes to curriculum and classroom design can be looked at as a pro or a con – depending on a school. If you find a private school that does not align with your own beliefs about education, the education your child receives will not align with your educational philosophy. On the other hand, a private school that does align with your educational philosophy could be the perfect fit for your child. The freedom to choose curriculum and classroom design can be a pro as long as you find a private school that aligns with your views of education.

Smaller class and school size

Private schools are typically smaller than public schools, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons private schools are smaller is because they have the ability to close enrollment when they reach capacity. Public programs have a duty to educate all children within the school district and must find ways to adjust even if enrollment goes beyond expectations or the school’s ability to accommodate the students.

Smaller class and school size can be looked at as a pro or a con – depending on your focus. If you are focused on the level of instruction and quality of education your child will receive, then a smaller student to teacher ratio is ideal. Some parents are very focused on sports and worry that a small private school will not be able to provide opportunities for sports in the same way as a public school. It is true that many private schools are not able to have large sport programs. The good news is that competitive sports in school do not typically start until students are older. Up until that time, the smaller size of private school does not have a downside.


The tuition cost that comes with private school can be a major con for many people. The reality is that private school has a tuition cost while public school does not. Are the benefits of private school worth the cost of tuition? Do you want your child to go to a school that aligns with your educational philosophy? Do you want your child to get individualized instruction in a smaller classroom setting? If you answered yes to both of those questions then you will likely consider private school worth the cost of tuition.

The differences between private school and public school are worth exploring. Fountainhead Montessori School is a private school option in the bay area that can provide your child with a long list of benefits. You can learn more about Fountainhead Montessori School and the Montessori Philosophy by exploring the topics on the FMS blog.

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