Parents consider private school for several different reasons. When free education is available, there have to be compelling reasons to spend money on a private education instead. One of the most compelling reasons parents consider private schools is because they believe it will provide more advantages than public education. A top tier private school will provide your child with several advantages that most public schools do not have the resources to offer.

A more individualized education

A private school will provide your child with all of the advantages that come with getting an education that is individualized to his or her needs. The small classroom sizes that are typical in private schools allow the instructor to customize learning plans based on the needs of each student. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching because the small class size allows the teacher to observe each student individually. Teachers in a private setting do not have to focus on ‘crowd control’ in the way that public school teachers with large classes often have to. Your child will learn more quickly and take on increasingly complex subjects when he or she has an individualized learning plan.

Greater independence in learning

The design of private education can also provide your child with the advantage of greater independence in learning. This design can help your child become an independent and self-directed learner who can excel whenever she or he is presented with new challenges. An example of an independent learning environment is the Montessori classroom. The Montessori Method posits that children learn best when they are allowed to focus intently on exploring topics of interest. Students are provided with space and time to truly master a concept before moving on to the next one. The small student to teacher ratio in private schools is an important part of making independent learning possible.

Unique opportunities

There is more flexibility in private education than there is in public education. This flexibility is an advantage for your child because it means that he or she will have unique learning opportunities that may not be offered in public school.For example, Fountainhead Montessori offers many complementary enrichment programs including a music and movement program, a science program, and a garden program. Programs like these will provide your child with the opportunity to learn about the world in new and unique ways.

Your child will receive a long list of advantages if you choose a high-quality private school over the typical public education. A well-designed private school program will help your child grow into a self-directed, independent, and well-rounded learner. These qualities will significantly increase your child’s ability to succeed in both education and life.            

What is Montessori Learning? | FMS

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