If you are considering private education for your child, you likely have a list of questions on the topic. What type of training do the teachers receive? How much is it going to cost? What options are available nearby? Online research and campus visits will provide you with the answers to these questions. Each one matters, but they all come after the most important question of all – How will my child benefit from a private education? Answering the question of how your child will benefit from a private education will help you decide if this is a path you want to pursue.

The benefit of an individualized learning plan

One of the major draws of private education is the small teacher to student ratio. Having fewer students in the classroom provides several valuable benefits. In a private education setting, this smaller teacher to student ratio makes it possible for your child to have an individualized learning plan. An individualized learning plan will allow your child to spend as much time as he or she needs on a concept to gain mastery. When a concept is mastered quickly, your child can move on to the next area of learning without needing to wait for others to catch up. The smaller class size makes it possible for the teacher to customize a learning plan for each student.     

The benefit of rigorous expectations in the learning environment

Many parents seek out private education for their children because they want them to be held to the highest academic standards. Private education will provide your child with the benefit of rigorous expectations in all aspects of the learning environment. In a public classroom, students are typically measured against the average. All that is required to move on from one concept to the next is to score at or above the overall average. In a private school setting, your child will be measured against his or her potential. There is no squeaking by with minimal effort. Instead, your child will be expected to show mastery of a concept before moving on to the next. Children generally rise to meet the expectations set for them in the classroom. Private education will give your child the opportunity to rise and meet a very rigorous set of expectations.

The benefit of being an active participant in learning

Teachers in the public classroom often have to focus on efficiency when it comes to educating students. They are required to meet educational standards set forth by the state, which includes preparing students for standardized testing and other measures of performance. The private school environment is set up much differently and allows teachers to focus on helping students become active participants in their education. Students in private school have more control over what and how they learn. This means that your child will be provided with opportunities to explore areas of interest in the private school setting. This design helps students develop a sense of responsibility for their learning, which is an important part of helping them become life-long learners.

The list above contains just three of the many benefits that your child will receive from a private education. You can learn more about the additional benefits of a private school on the Fountainhead Montessori website. There is a long list of resources available in the parent library to help you in your exploration and consideration of private education for your child.

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