What Are The Options for a Montessori School in Orinda, CA?

07, Jul 2022

For parents unfamiliar with the Montessori method, it is an approach to education that has been around for well over 100 years and it has produced excellent, well-adjusted, skilled students who have an ever increasing desire to learn. By focusing on hands-on, interest-led activities and skills, a Montessori student will develop confidence and an excitement for learning. Montessori school options in Orinda, CA include toddler and preschool aged programs, enrichment options, and offers flexible before and after care.

Toddler/ Prep Program and Primary Morning and Afternoon programs

Montessori programs in Orinda offer half day toddler prep classes for children between the ages of 2 and 3 ½ years of age that will immerse your child in friendly sensorial and media exploration, as well as pre-reading and pre-math experiences.

For primary students aged 3 to 6 years old, you can decide whether to enroll your student in just the morning or both morning and afternoon programs. For preschool aged students who stay after lunch, there is an afternoon language immersion program option, as well.

Enrichment programs

Enrichment programs that are included in regular tuition but also have added options to choose from will allow your child to thrive in a rich, active education that only a Montessori school can offer. If you are looking for a wonderful language immersion program for your preschool aged child, Fountainhead Montessori School offers a Spanish afternoon program at the Orinda campus. Language immersion programs can help your child develop concentration, enhance reading and listening abilities, and help develop strong problem solving skills.

Complementary programs included in a Montessori program may also enhance your child’s interest at school. Programs such as music, interactive science, and on-site field trips such as the Zoo-mobile or Insect Lab will have your child excited to get to school and enhance their exploration of new subjects and media.

Discovery Camps in Orinda for preschool through upper elementary are offered during regular school year breaks. These week-long camps are full of field trips and exciting instruction to ignite a desire to explore new topics.

Before and after care

Before and after care may also be needed depending on your work schedule. Specifically at the Fountainhead Montessori School’s Orinda campus, before care begins at 7 am through 9 am for students needing to be dropped off early. For a later pick up option, students will have after care from 12 pm to 6:00 pm, as well. Finding a Montessori school that offers these extended care options may help put your mind at ease when considering the logistics of getting your child to their Montessori program and yourself to work. Just because the programs are for before and after regular instruction, this does not mean that the Montessori method is left out. Students will continue in Montessori principles and have special projects that could include art, movement, music, and science as well as outside time on the playground.

By taking the time to explore the different programs a Montessori school offers in Orinda, CA can make all the difference in what type of education your child will get to experience. Fountainhead Montessori School offers an excellent spread of exciting options and enrichment programs for your young learner. To talk to the administration at the Fountainhead Montessori School’s Orinda campus and set up an appointment to observe a Montessori classroom in action, give Fountainhead Montessori School a call today.

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what is montessori learning

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What is Montessori Learning?
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