What Is The Application Process For a Montessori School?

14, Jun 2022

Enrolling your child in a Montessori program can give your child the gift of developing strong skills of independence, organization, and coordination. But going about the process for applying to a Montessori school may be a bit unknown to you if you have never enrolled your child in a program like this before. There is an easy, step by step process that you can take to get your child in a thriving Montessori community that will increase their confidence, independence, and social skills.

Step 1

Check with the Montessori program in your area if there are available spots for your child for the upcoming school year, or semester, if you choose to put your child in midyear. Because of limited space, many Montessori schools accept students based on a first come first served process. Getting your name on the list as soon as you have identified that you want to put your child in a particular Montessori program will help to ensure your child gets to attend the school.

Step 2

Give the admissions office at the campus of your choice a call to set up an observational appointment. Seeing a Montessori classroom in action is an excellent way to give you an idea of what to expect for your child’s development and this can also give your child a glimpse into what their day will look like, which can help to eliminate any fears or concerns your young one may feel about starting something new.

Step 3

After the observational appointment, fill out an enrollment application, either online or be sure to pick up a hardcopy when you observe the classroom, if you prefer it. Once submitted, the admissions office will send you an email, confirming they have your enrollment application in hand and will be in contact with you after they review it. Along with the application, the school may require documentation such as your child’s immunization records as well as payment information upon receiving your application. Payments may be collected for your first month of enrollment while processing the application.

Once your child is enrolled in a Montessori program, you can sit back and watch your child develop an increased love of learning and a drive to hone in fine motor skills, while practicing keeping their learning environment clean and orderly. The benefits of practicing the skills that Montessori programs elevate will reach into every developing aspect of your child’s life. In addition to a regular Montessori classroom, enrolling your child in a second language immersion program will open the flood gates of learning and skill development even wider.

If you are in Northern California and are wanting to begin the application process to enroll your child in a Montessori school, contact the admissions office at Fountainhead Montessori Schools to find a campus near you.

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