What to Expect When You Enroll Your Child into a Montessori School

15, Apr 2021

If you choose a public school for your child, the enrollment process is about making sure your child lives in a certain area and has the documentation required by the state to enroll. The basics that are required often include proof of residency, vaccination records, proof of age, and possibly an informational packet created by the school. The entire process of enrollment for a public school is mostly concerned with ensuring that the correct paperwork is provided. If you want to enroll your child in a Montessori school, you may be wondering how the experience is different from public school enrollment. You can expect some differences when you enroll your child into a Montessori program such as Fountainhead Montessori School. There is still paperwork, of course, but there are additional elements to the enrollment process. You can expect an enrollment process that is based on where your child will be placed in the program, provides opportunities to get your questions answered, and is tailored to the needs of your child and family.  

An enrollment process based on where your child will be placed in the program

A public school puts all students within a certain age range in the same grade. There are always exceptions, but for the most part, all students in a public elementary classroom will be about the same age. The Montessori Philosophy of education approaches student placement differently. Montessori classrooms are mixed-age which means you will see an age range in a particular classroom. The enrollment process is impacted by the age range your child falls within. The youngest students in Montessori programs are not required to do any type of assessment during enrollment. Children in the kindergarten through 6th grade range are required to take an assessment as part of the enrollment process. This assessment is designed to help the administration, and the teacher ensure that your child can get what he or she needs from the Fountainhead Montessori School program.

Opportunities to get your questions answered

Throughout the enrollment process at Fountainhead Montessori School, you will have opportunities to get your questions answered. Many families start the enrollment process by setting an observation appointment so parents and student can see the school firsthand. There will be plenty of time for questions during this observation and campus tour. If you have additional questions at any point during the enrollment process, the staff at Fountainhead Montessori School is easily accessible and happy to answer questions.

A process tailored to the needs of your child and family

The enrollment process in public schools is as standardized as possible. This is because there are hundreds of students that come in and out of public districts every year. With so many students, it is difficult to give any type of individualized help during the enrollment process. The smaller size of Montessori school makes it possible for you to have a more personalized enrollment process. The flexibility of the process along with the one-on-one help that is available work together to create a smooth enrollment process at Fountainhead Montessori School.

Enrolling your child in Montessori school for the first time does not have to be a stressful or complicated process. If you choose Fountainhead Montessori School, you will have help with every step of the process. You can get started by scheduling a time to observe a class and tour campus. As part of the observation, you will learn about the enrollment process in-depth and receive everything you need for the next steps.

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