When Is the Best Time to Get My Child Set Up to Attend Private School?

22, Jun 2021

The best time to get your child set up to attend private school is as soon as possible. The earlier your child gets started in private school the sooner he or she will start to reap the benefits. Preschool and kindergarten are both excellent times to start your child’s private school career. If your child is already beyond preschool or kindergarten, lower and upper elementary are both still good options for getting her or him set up to attend private school.


Many private school programs offer preschool for the youngest students. Private preschool is different than daycare. In a private preschool program, your child will be taught using the same educational philosophy of the younger grades. For example, a Montessori preschool incorporates the Montessori Method from the very beginning. Students are introduced to elements of the Montessori Method in an age-appropriate way in preschool. This is a great time to get your child set up to attend private school because it helps build a firm foundation.


Kindergarten is also a great place to start your child in private school. Kindergarten is the beginning of formal education for many students. Starting your child in private school at the kindergarten level lets him or her get started from the beginning. Kindergarten in Montessori school can help students develop critical thinking skills, allow them to engage in developmentally appropriate instruction, and provide a multicultural, multi-sensory and integrated curriculum. Kindergarten students in private Montessori school can actively learn within a prepared environment of attractive, carefully sequenced materials for kindergarten and first grade levels. Private kindergarten will get your child get started down a path toward future success in formal education and life.

Lower Elementary

Lower elementary is for students who range in age from six to nine. Students at this age may have already spent some time in formal schooling. If your child did not get started with private education from the very beginning it does not mean that it is too late. Your child can still enjoy all the benefits of private school by getting started with it in lower elementary. Lower elementary in private school includes the basics you will find in any classroom along with a number of unique and engaging enrichment opportunities.

Upper Elementary

Upper elementary is designed for students ages nine to twelve. Getting your student into private school at this age will provide a number of advantages beyond continuing with public education. For example, in upper elementary at Fountainhead Montessori School, the maximum student-to-teacher ratio is 8:1. With this ratio, even if your child did not start private school in preschool or kindergarten, there are still many benefits that can be enjoyed. The individualized curriculum in private school also makes it easy for students to get acclimated and start thriving in the classroom right away.

It is ideal to start your child in private school as soon as you can. However, there is no need to feel behind if you are just now considering private school for a child who is old enough to be in lower or upper elementary. Even a small amount of time in a high-quality private school program can be extremely beneficial for your child.

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