Three Reasons the Cost of Private School is Worth It

18, May 2021

Choosing private school over public school can represent a significant financial investment. It is worth your time to carefully consider the reasons why the cost of private school is worth it for your family. Each private school is unique but there are elements that every program can offer that makes the cost of private school worth it.

You can choose a private school that aligns with your own educational philosophy

A big benefit of private school is that it gives you more choices. You are not stuck with only one choice when it comes to educational philosophy like you are with public school. Standards for public schools are set by the state. This means that all the public schools in your state will offer a similar standard and type of education. The state dictates the educational philosophy under which the schools must operate. This design was implemented to ensure that students across the state have access to the same type and quality of education. However, this is a problem if your own beliefs about education do not align with the educational philosophy of the public school system. Private schools have the freedom to choose the educational philosophy on which to base their program. Private school is worth the cost because you can choose one that aligns with your own educational philosophy.

Student teacher ratio can be carefully controlled in private school

The student teacher ratio in the classroom can have a big impact on the quality of education your child receives. Private schools have the ability to carefully control the student to teacher ratio. Private schools can cap admissions to ensure that the program does not get overcrowded. Public schools do not have the same level of control over student to teacher ratio. As an area grows, the public schools have to accommodate the growing number of students. This often means increasing class sizes until new teachers can be hired and new facilities can be built. If having your child in a classroom with a low student to teacher ratio is a priority, then private school is absolutely worth the cost.

Private schools can offer unique enrichment opportunities

Private schools have a lot of flexibility when it comes to providing enrichment opportunities for students. For example, Fountainhead Montessori School offers language immersion for Mandarin and Spanish. The list of potential enrichment programs in private schools is virtually endless. Private programs have flexibility to add enrichment programs without dealing with the red tape that public schools have to face. Private schools can offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities for your child.

Private school is worth the cost if you want to provide your child with an education that aligns with your educational philosophy, maintains a low student to teacher ratio, and offers a variety of enrichment opportunities. If you are exploring private school options in the Bay Area, take a look at everything that Fountainhead Montessori School has to offer.

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