There is no shortage of information out there on just about every topic imaginable. When you start to research the option of Montessori education for your child, you will not have a problem finding information. The problem will be in sorting through it all to find what is relevant and true. The reality is that anyone can get online and write about Montessori education – whether or not they have experience with or a true understanding of the topic. The accuracy and quality of the resources you find will vary significantly. Your time is valuable and you should not have to spend it sorting through tons of useless information to find something of value. Fortunately, if you know where to look for reliable information about Montessori education, you can save time and avoid frustration.

Books written by Maria Montessori

You will be able to find relevant information about Montessori education through the writings of Maria Montessori. She developed this philosophy of education over a century ago through her work with children who were considered unteachable and beyond help. Getting your information about Montessori education directly from the source is one way to ensure that you are consuming content that is aligned with the Montessori philosophy. Three examples of books written by Maria Montessori include The Absorbent Mind, The Secret of Childhood, and The Discovery of the Child.

Resources from trusted voices in Montessori education

There are several trusted voices in the world of Montessori education. These are experts in the field who have studied the teachings of Maria Montessori and have experience applying those teachings. Three examples of trusted voices in Montessori education include Paula Polk Lillard, Rosa Covington Packard, and Dr. Stephen Hughes. Resources from these experts will help you explore the option of Montessori education. Another trusted source for resources on Montessori education is the American Montessori Society.

The parent library from Fountainhead Montessori School

In an effort to help parents find reliable information about Montessori education, FMS created a parent resource library. It provides links to blogs, articles, videos, and books about the Montessori Method and how it is applied in the classroom. Each resource is carefully selected to ensure that the content is true and aligns with the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori and FMS.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of information available about Montessori education. As mentioned above, the quality and accuracy of that information can vary significantly. To avoid consuming inaccurate information, start by learning from the most trusted voices in the space. Once you have a foundational understanding of the Montessori Method, you can continue reading from other sources and determine what is relevant based on your knowledge of the topic.

A Parents Guide To Montessori Education

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