Why Montessori Schools Provide an Excellent Education

27, Feb 2020

There are some areas of life where ‘good enough’ is all you can expect. When it comes to your child’s education, however, ‘good enough’ is not acceptable. The education that your child receives now will impact the rest of his or her educational career. And, if you choose a truly excellent program, it can impact your child’s view of learning throughout his or her life. Schools that espouse the Montessori philosophy of learning are dedicated to providing an excellent education to each student by focusing on the individual child, providing opportunities to work independently and with others, and by designing programs with a long-term view of education.

Focus on the individual child

The Montessori philosophy of education emphasizes educating the individual child. Behind this tenet of the philosophy is the belief that children learn best when they are interested in what they are learning. Even young children can engage in focused learning for an extended amount of time when it is on a topic or through a medium that they find interesting. Teachers tap into the natural curiosity of students by providing individualized learning plans. The teacher then implements the individualized plan by providing each student with learning opportunities that are tailored to their specific interests and needs. This design helps students engage in the learning process on a much deeper level than they would in a public classroom where almost every student is presented with the same work and instruction.

Opportunities to learn independently and with others

Another way Montessori programs provide an excellent education is by giving students opportunities to learn independently and with others. Students in the Montessori classroom learn to work on independent, focused tasks. Independent learning is a skill that is necessary throughout life, and Montessori students start working on it from the very beginning. The surprising news to many parents is that even the youngest students can engage in focused learning. The key is to provide the type of content and delivery method that works for the individual student. In the Montessori classroom, students are also expected to work with other children of various ages. The mixed-age design of the Montessori classroom provides students with the opportunity to learn how to work well with others despite age or other differences.

A long-term view of education

The best Montessori programs are designed around the belief that the purpose of education is to prepare students for success in life. This long-term view of education impacts every aspect of Montessori school. Students do not engage in busywork in the Montessori classroom because everything students learn in the program is designed to be beneficial to success in life.

One short article cannot begin to outline all of the ways that Montessori school can provide your child with an excellent education. You can continue your reading by exploring the resources in the parent library of Fountainhead Montessori.

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