Why Should I Choose a Montessori School for My Child's Elementary Education?

29, Jun 2021

The elementary education that your child receives can impact his or her education going forward. Children can develop a love for learning during elementary school and carry that love throughout life. The type of elementary education your child receives can also impact what he or she believes about learning. The Montessori Philosophy of education takes all of this into account by providing an education with a focus on mastery, flexibility in instruction, and a firm foundation for future learning.

Focus on mastery

Montessori programs put an emphasis on mastery over grades or test scores. Each student is provided with the time and space to develop true mastery on a topic before moving on to the next topic. This focus on mastery ensure that each student gets what he or she needs. Students who are advanced in a particular area can move on to the next topic without needing to wait for others to catch up. When a student needs more time with a topic to develop mastery, there is no rush to try and keep up with others. The focus on mastery in the Montessori classroom is a compelling reason to choose this type of elementary education for your child.

Flexibility in instruction

In the elementary Montessori classroom, there is not a one size fits all approach to instruction. Instead, teachers have the flexibility to tailor what they do in the classroom to the individual needs of students. The teacher does this by creating an individualized learning plan for each student based on the needs and interest of that student. A private Montessori school is not required to follow the standards set forth by the state. This means that teachers in the Montessori classroom can base instruction on what is best for the students. Montessori elementary education programs also have flexibility when it comes to enrichment programs. The red tape that makes it difficult to bring in new enrichment programs to a public school do not exist in Montessori school. This flexibility means that students in the Montessori classroom have access to a wide range of unique enrichment programs.

Firm foundation for future learning

Another reason to choose a Montessori school for your child’s elementary education is because it can provide a firm foundation for future learning. Students in the elementary Montessori classroom are provided daily with opportunities for independent learning. This design helps students become self-directed learners. When your child internalizes the fact that learning is, ultimately, in his or her hands, it allows your child to take responsibility for learning. This process can help your child develop into a life-long learner.

The benefits of choosing a Montessori school for your child’s elementary education are clear. Montessori school can benefit your child now and in the future. You can learn more about what Montessori has to offer and see some of these unique features in action by scheduling a time to observe a class.

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