Will My Gifted Child Be Challenged in the Montessori Classroom?

10, Oct 2019

One of the biggest issues that gifted children face in school is boredom. They are often forced to move through subjects at what feels like a snail’s pace while the rest of the students in the classroom catch up. Some gifted children begin to have behavioral problems when they are faced with this level of boredom day in and day out. Another issue for gifted children is that they are rarely challenged in the traditional classroom environment. On the surface, this can seem like a good thing because schoolwork comes easily. In the long-run, however, this can be very detrimental. Gifted children who are not regularly challenged in early education may not develop the skills needed to face the challenges of rigorous secondary and post-secondary education. You can combat these issues by finding a program that provides your gifted child with the stimulation and challenge he or she needs. The Montessori classroom is one of the places where your gifted child can be challenged because it provides opportunities for independent learning and an environment where the needs of each child can be met.

Opportunities for independent learning

In the Montessori classroom, gifted students get many opportunities for independent learning. The design of the Montessori Method allows students to pursue learning in ways and on topics that are of interest to them. This type of self-directed learning helps keep gifted students interested and engaged in the learning process. Students in the Montessori classroom are also able to move through concepts at their own pace. If your gifted student can move quickly through math concepts he or she can keep making forward progress without having to wait on other students in the classroom to catch up. This design provides gifted children with the opportunity to engage with content that challenges them and helps them grow academically.

Needs of the individual child are met

The Montessori classroom is designed to have a small student to teacher ratio. This ratio provides the teacher with the opportunity to observe each student individually and then create a customized learning plan. The teacher will observe the needs of your gifted student and provide learning opportunities that are in line with your child’s interests and abilities. There is no one-size-fits-all lesson plan in the Montessori Method. The Method recognizes that each student is an individual and will move through the learning process in a unique way. Your gifted child will be provided with the resources and freedom that he or she needs to be challenged in the Montessori classroom.

Being the parent of a gifted child comes with a set of unique challenges. Gifted children need to be challenged in the classroom to develop into a successful adults. The Montessori classroom can provide your gifted child with a place to explore and be challenged in a way that will help him or her learn and grow.

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