Back to School Tips for Montessori Students

12, Aug 2021

Montessori students face many of the same challenges at back to school time as students who go to public school. Transitioning from a summer schedule to a school schedule can be difficult. Even if your student participated in a summer program, the fall schedule is different and will require some adjustment. Fortunately, Montessori students can quickly get back into the swing of things at school by following a few basic tips. Parents can have a big impact on the back to school transition for Montessori students. You can help your child be successful in the classroom by helping him or her stick to a consistent bedtime routine, eat a nutritious breakfast, and choose extracurricular activities carefully.

Stick to a consistent bedtime routine

It may seem like everyone is talking about the importance of a bedtime routine as the school year approaches. The reality is that there are few things that matter more for your child’s success at school than quality sleep. Your child simply will not be able to function at his or her best without adequate sleep. Most adults know what it is like to live on too little sleep. Lack of sleep impacts your ability to control your mood, diminishes your willpower, and makes it difficult to concentrate. If lack of sleep impacts adults in that way, think of what it is like for a child who is still growing and has a brain that is not fully developed. Everyone is talking about the importance of sleep because it is extremely important. If you want to help your Montessori student during the process of getting back to school, establish and consistently follow a bedtime routine.

Eat a nutritious breakfast

A nutritious breakfast will help fuel your Montessori student for the day ahead. It is always tempting to go with the quickest and easiest option on busy mornings. Fortunately, there are a number of quick and easy ways to provide your child with a nutritious breakfast. One option is to prepare breakfast for the entire week during a meal prep session on Sunday afternoon. For example, scrambled eggs and turkey sausage are quick to prep and will stay good in the fridge for several days. Warming up a previously prepared breakfast will not take much longer than making your child a bowl of sugary cereal. Add in some fresh fruit and your child will have a well-rounded breakfast that will provide energy and nourishment until it’s time for lunch. You can customize the menu based on your child’s preferences and nutritional needs.

Choose extracurricular activities carefully

Another factor to consider as you help your Montessori student ease into the new year is extracurricular activities. You have a finite amount of time in the afternoons and evenings. Be realistic about the number of activities your child can participate in. If you intend to make it a priority to provide your child with downtime and stick to a bedtime routine, you will have to choose extracurricular activities carefully so they do not interfere with your other priorities. If you have an enthusiastic child who wants to do it all, you will have to help manage those expectations in relation to the amount of time your student has after school.

Montessori school is designed around the needs of the children in the classroom. You can rest assured that your child’s educational needs are being met inside of the Montessori classroom. As a parent, you can make things even easier for your child by focusing on elements that will maximize his or her success at school.

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