Important Habits to Establish at the Beginning of a New School Year

01, Oct 2020

As a parent, you have a bird’s eye view of your child’s schedule for the school year. Understanding what is coming helps you make preparations and establish the right habits. Your child may not have the same vantage point as you. Because of this, you need to help your child establish a few important habits at the beginning of each new school year. Your son or daughter may not fully understand why you are implementing new steps into the routine, but he or she will definitely benefit from creating those important habits at the beginning of this school year.

Setting expectations for the coming week

Make it a habit to set expectations about the coming week for your child. Setting the expectations for the week can help you avoid surprises that may derail your child. For example, if your son or daughter goes to gymnastics every Monday but has to miss class this coming Monday for a dentist’s appointment, it is important to let them know prior.. Letting your child know that gymnastics have to be rescheduledwill help minimize disappointment and eliminate surprise. This can make a big difference in how your son or daughter reacts to the change. A simple conversation on a Sunday afternoon can help your child have the correct expectations for the upcoming week.

Getting to bed on time

Bedtime can be a frustrating time of day for some families. It can be difficult to be consistent especially if you have a child who fights you on getting to bed on time. However, it is worth the struggle to set and stick to a bedtime because of the positive impact it will have on your child. There is so much that can be said about helping your child get adequate sleep. Getting the proper amount of sleep is good for his or her physical, mental, and emotional health. It will be easier for your child to focus and behave in the classroom when he or she gets to bed on time at home. And the good news is that the more consistent you are with bedtime, the easier it will become over time.

Prepping for the morning routine the night before

There are likely to be mornings that are more difficult than others. The beginning of a new school year is often very tiring until students and parents get accustomed to the new routine. Prepping for the morning as much as possible the evening before can help things run smoothly. Tasks such as choosing and laying out clothes, preparing lunches, and packing backpacks done the night before can help create a calm morning. Creating this habit will only take up ten to fifteen minutes of time in the evening, but it can make a big difference to your child’s mornings.

If you can help your child establish the habits outlined above, you will benefit all year long. And, as an added benefit, all of these habits can be helpful throughout life. Going over the plans for the coming week, getting adequate sleep, and prepping in the evening for the coming day are all habits that can make life easier as an adult. You can help your child start developing these helpful habits starting with this school year.

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