Benefits of Choosing a Small Private Program Over Public School

16, Sep 2020

Choosing a small private program over public school can provide your student with a number of valuable benefits as well as unique opportunities. In a small private program, you will find that there is more flexibility in the classroom, freedom with curriculum, opportunities for individualized instruction and attention, and unique enrichment opportunities.

Flexibility in the classroom

A small private program has more flexibility in the classroom when compared to public schools. The reality is that many of the elements in the public classroom are dictated by the state. For example, the traditional design of the public school is to group children into grades based on age. It is the way that things have been done for a long time, and individual public schools do not have much control over that factor. In a small private school, on the other hand, children can be grouped in any way that fits within the design of the program. For example, in Montessori programs, the classes are often mixed, age groups. This allows children opportunities to work and interact with students who are younger or older. It allows older students to learn through teaching and provides the younger students with someone other than the teacher to look up to. This increased flexibility in the classroom is a big benefit that you will discover if you choose a small private program over public school.

Additional freedom with curriculum

Curriculum is another area where small private programs have more freedom than public schools. The state dictates the educational standards that must be met in the public classroom. Curriculum in the public classroom is designed around those standards. Teachers in the public classroom typically do not have time to expand on or deviate from the standards set by the state. In a small private program, the teachers and administration have much more control over curriculum. The curriculum can be changed and adapted in order to better meet the educational needs of the students.

Individualized attention and instruction

The lack of flexibility in the classroom and freedom with curriculum make it almost impossible for public school teachers to provide individualized attention and instruction to each student. The large class sizes that are typical in public programs also make individualization difficult. In small private programs, teachers have the resources, time, and freedom to give students both individualized attention and instruction. For example, in the Montessori classroom, the teacher develops an individual learning plan for each student based on the student’s academic needs and interests. This design ensures that each student is challenged and engaged at the right level.

Unique enrichment opportunities

Choosing a small private program over public schools can provide your student with unique enrichment opportunities. The smaller size of the program, flexibility in the classroom, and freedom in regards to curriculum all work together to make it simpler to provide unique enrichment opportunities. For example, at Fountainhead Montessori School, students can participate in a language immersion program. This unique program provides children with the opportunity to learn a second language naturally. Offering enrichment programs in a public school is more difficult because of the level of red tape involved in starting anything new.

There are a number of clear benefits to choosing a small private program over public school. You can explore the differences for yourself by scheduling a time to observe a classroom at Fountainhead Montessori School.

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