Determining if Private School or Public School is a Better Choice for Your Children

11, Jan 2022

The option between private school and public school is one that many parents debate. Is private school worth the tuition costs every month? Can public school meet my child’s needs? Are all private schools created equal? Answering these questions and exploring others will help you determine if private school or public school is a better choice for your children.

Is private school worth the tuition costs every month?

It can be difficult to think about adding another line item to your monthly budget. Private school tuition can be a significant part of the budget for many families. Is private school worth the tuition costs every month? That is a question you have to answer for your family and your child. Private school will provide your child with smaller class sizes, more individualized instruction, and more flexibility when it comes to enrichment programs. You can choose a private school based off of your own beliefs about learning and the purpose of education. The differences that come with a private education can benefit your child in the present and in the future.

Can public school meet my child’s needs?

Before you decide on private school as the option, it is a good idea to consider whether or not public school can meet your child’s needs. Public school is designed to serve the majority. This means that every child has access to the same level of education in the public school system. This design works well if your student fits neatly into the box that the public school system creates. The reality is every child has some unique and individual needs when it comes to learning. The public school system simply is not equipped to meet those unique and individual needs.

Are all private schools created equal?

You may have decided that private school is the right choice for your child. Now the question is, which private school? All private schools are not created equal. The freedom that private programs have to decide on curriculum, design classrooms, and set training requirements for teachers means that you will find a wide range of options available. If you want your child to have the benefits of a private education, be sure and choose a program that meets your standards. A good place to start is to look at the accreditations and affiliations the school has. These things are not required for private schools – having them shows that the program is committed to excellence. Private school can provide your child with benefits that are not available in a public program but you must be diligent in your efforts to find a top-notch private program.

The design of public school is to educate as many students as possible with the same level of education. The design of a quality private school is to educate each child based on his or her individual needs. If you want your child to receive an individualized education, then private school is better choice.

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