How can I Help my Child Transition from Summer Back to School?

17, Aug 2021

The transition from summer back to school can be exciting for kids. However, there is typically some level of anxiety that comes with facing a new school year – even if it is at a familiar place with familiar faces. There are some small things you can do to make a big difference in your child’s transition from summer back to school.

Create a bedtime routine

A simple bedtime routine can make a huge difference in your child’s transition back to school. Sleep impacts your child’s mood, energy level, and ability to focus at school. If your child has ever had a night of poor sleep then you know the consequences that come along with that. A bedtime routine can help your child get to sleep more easily each night. The routine establishes your child’s expectations and, when the routine is complete, the expectation is to go to sleep. Children thrive on routine and establishing a bedtime routine is one of the best ways you can help your child thrive at school.

Provide quality food options in the mornings

The food that your child eats in the morning can also have a big impact on how he or she does at school. Food can impact mood, energy level, and how your child feels overall. Staring the day with quality food options will make the transition back to school and into a routine much easier for your child. Quality food options are those that will help your child feel full and provide sustained energy – focus on providing options that include protein, fiber, and complex carbs for the best results.

Allow space for downtime in the afternoon or evening

The need for downtime and space in life is something that has been discussed extensively in the past few years. These discussions typically center around adults who need a break from the constant demands of work and homelife. Children also need space to decompress after a busy day at school. You can help with this by providing time and space in the afternoon or evening for your child to have some downtime. This can be as simple as creating a cozy spot in a corner of the bedroom where your child can read or taking a leisurely walk around your neighborhood. Providing some downtime each day can help your child with the transition from summer back to school.

Express excitement about the new school year

It can be sad when summer is over. As a parent, you may be mourning the transition back to a ‘normal’ schedule. Your child may also be wishing that summer could have lasted a little longer. The reality is that the fall is here and summer is over. If you are still mourning the end of summer, it can make it more difficult for your child to be excited about the new school year. You can help your child with this transition by expressing excitement about all the things that come with a new school year.

You can set the tone for the new school year and help your child make a smooth transition back to school. Focus on the factors that will have the biggest impact on your child’s experience – sleep, nutrition, downtime, and expectations.

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