How Expensive are Private School Options for Children?

23, Aug 2022

When it comes to choosing a private school for your child, you may have found one that will fit just perfectly. But paying for private school is a whole different thing. With a majority of people simply paying taxes and sending their kids to public school, the thought of having to pay additionally for their children to get a good education is just one more thing to think about. There are many private schools that are affordable while others can be astronomically priced. Depending on where your child’s interests are, being able to afford the private school tuition will be a deciding factor of what private school options are available to you.

Cost of private schools

Across the US, private school tuition can vary greatly. With the average cost of tuition being around $12,000 for the year for both elementary and high school, some states like South Dakota have tuition as low as a little over $3,000 while Massechutes has averaged well over $20,000. Depending on where you live, the cost of private school can be very different. For elementary, across the board, it seems to be lower than high school tuition costs. But because much of the cost will be coming directly from your pocket, knowing what to expect from the school as well as from your children is a big question that should be clearly answered before you enroll your student. If you feel that a private school is what will best serve your child in the direction they are already expressing interest in, but the bill is just too much, explore any financial aid options as well. As much as 20% of private schools offer financial assistance based on a number of different factors for their student’s families.

Benefits of paying for private school

When the initial sticker shock wears off, it is important to remember what you will get for paying for your child’s education. The school you choose that best fits your child will give them opportunities and experiences that they may never have gotten at a public school. Well cultivated art programs, theater, and thorough sports programs are certain perks of private school, but small classrooms and more individualized attention from their teachers will make a big impact on your child’s education.. Benefits of taking a different approach to education such as in a Montessori program could help them develop independence, fine motor skills, coordination, and organization through the skills and activities they choose to do. While the cost of private school will be forgotten over the years, the memories, skills, and positive outlook on education will stay with your children throughout their lives.

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