How is Private School More Beneficial for My Child than Public School?

21, Jan 2021

On the surface, there are a few clear distinctions between private school and public school. Private school costs money, and public school is free to anyone who lives in a given area. Public schools are typically much larger than private programs. The design of public programs is relatively uniform within a geographic area, while the design of private programs can vary significantly. You know the big picture differences between public and private school. However, those differences are not necessarily the things you need to know in order to make a decision about where to send your child. The factors that will help you make a decision are the ones that answer the question, ‘How is private school more beneficial for my child than public school?’

More individual attention

Your child will receive more individual attention in a private school compared to a public school. Private programs are typically much smaller than public programs. Keeping the programs and class sizes small is intentional in most situations. In a smaller classroom, students have more access to the teacher and to resources. The teacher can spend more time one-on-one with your student and tailor instruction to make sure your child’s needs are met inside the classroom.

Increased opportunities for unique enrichment programs

Public schools are typically bigger than private programs, which can make it seem like there would be more opportunity for programs beyond the classroom. In reality, private programs have more opportunities to offer unique enrichment programs. Private schools have much less red tape to cut through when teachers want to offer new and innovative enrichment programs. Public programs are heavily regulated, which means that it can be difficult to implement new or unique enrichment programs.

Flexibility in instruction

There is much more flexibility in instruction at a private school than there is in a public school. As mentioned above, public programs are heavily regulated by the state. The state works to ensure that each child has access to the same standard of education. This sounds good, but if your child falls anywhere outside of the average, the instruction will not be a good fit. On the other hand, in private school, teachers have the flexibility to adjust instruction based on the needs of the student. This is a huge benefit for your child because it means that he or she will get the level and type of instruction needed to continue learning and moving forward.

Private school is more beneficial for your child than public school in several important ways. The amount of individualized attention your child receives in the classroom can make a big difference in how he or she feels about school and learning. The enrichment programs your student has access to can open up opportunities and make the development of new interests possible. Flexibility in instruction is essential for any child who is gifted or needs extra help in some areas. Private school is more beneficial for your child in all of the ways that matter most when it comes to getting a quality education.

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