The cost of private education can vary widely depending on the school you choose. As you look into the various options, you will find that to accurately calculate the cost of private education you need to consider more than just tuition. In addition to the yearly tuition, you need to consider the cost of before and aftercare and factor in the long-term benefits of private education. When you look at all of these elements together you can get an accurate understanding of what private education will cost and what you get for the money.

Get the specific numbers from the school you are considering

The first step in accurately calculating the cost of private education is to get the specific numbers from the school you are considering. You can often find this type of information on the school website. Be sure and look at more than the yearly tuition cost. There are other elements to consider that can impact what and how you pay, such as prepayment discounts, sibling discounts, prorated tuition, and the availability of installment plans. Many private schools also offer half-day programs for younger children as well as optional enrichment programs for all age groups. You need to look at the available options at the school and decide which ones you want for your child before you can accurately calculate the cost. It is helpful and convenient to find the information you want about tuition cost online. However, it is always best to go over the numbers with the director of admissions at the private school you are considering to ensure that you understand all of the associated costs and payment options.

Consider the cost of before and aftercare

The cost of before and aftercare can quickly add up – even when your child attends public school. If you need before and or aftercare for your child, then you need to include those numbers when calculating the cost of private education. The good news is that many of the private schools offer enriching and high quality before and aftercare for students; making it easier logistically because you do not have to arrange transportation for your child to aftercare. Besides, opting for before and or aftercare at the private school your child attends is often a very economical option. For example, at the Dublin campus of Fountainhead Montessori, the maximum monthly rate for kindergarten – including daily before and aftercare – is just over $1,800. This price includes before care from 7:00 am to 8:45 am, aftercare from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm, as well as the entire month of tuition. When you compare this to what you pay for before and aftercare elsewhere you will likely find that it has a big impact on the affordability of private education.

Factor in the long-term benefits of a private education

The numbers are not the only elements that matter when calculating the cost of private education. You should also consider the long-term benefits your child will experience from receiving a top-level private education. Your child will receive individualized learning opportunities in the smaller private school classroom. This type of learning will translate into more opportunities for your child to explore his or her interests, proficiencies, and potential. The size and design of private school support an environment where students can learn skills and concepts that will help prepare them for life and successful adulthood.

As you consider a private education for your child, part of the decision-making process is calculating the real costs. You can start this process by getting the specific numbers for tuition, and before/aftercare from the school, you are considering. When you look at the numbers it is important to think about the value you put on the long-term benefits of private education. When you consider all of these factors together, you will get an accurate calculation of the cost of private education.

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