Is Private School Expensive and is it Worth it for My Child?

27, Apr 2021

Most parents understand the basic differences between private schools and public schools. Public school does not cost anything to attend, while private school requires regular tuition payments. Public school programs and classrooms are typically much larger than what you find in private schools. The type and quality of education can also vary between public and private schools. These statements are general perceptions that many people have about public versus private schools. In order to determine which option is right for your child, you need to dig deeper into the differences between the two options. Some of the first questions that many parents ask as they start exploring private school are related to cost. Is private school expensive? What comes with that extra cost? Is the price you pay worth it.

What does private school cost?

The actual cost of private school can vary widely from program to program. Some are affordable and accessible to many families, while others are out of reach for most. Before you dive too deep into what a particular private school has to offer, you need to get specifics about what it costs. Many programs are transparent about costs. For example, Fountainhead Montessori School posts the costs of the different programs online for parents to explore. The good news is that some private school programs are extremely affordable. And, many private schools have several payment options to accommodate families.  

What is included in the extra cost of private school?

It is wise to ask what is included for the extra cost of private school. One of the major differences you will find between public and private schools is the educational philosophy that drives instruction and design at the school. Public programs do not have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing what they teach and how they teach it. This is because public school standards are set and overseen by the state. This design is intended to create an environment where each student has access to the same level of education. Private schools, on the other hand, have the freedom to base curriculum, instruction, and classroom design on any educational philosophy. For example, Montessori schools base everything on the Montessori Philosophy of education. A Montessori classroom looks strikingly different than a typical public school classroom. If you want your child to have an education that is based on a particular philosophy, private school is the way to go. When you pay for a private school, your child also gets access to smaller class sizes, unique enrichment activities, and more individualized instruction.

Is private school worth it for my child?

In order to determine if private school is worth it for your child, you should start by thinking about your child’s needs. Will a standard public education help your child reach his or her full potential? Does the public school provide the challenge your child needs? What level of attention do you want your child to get in the classroom? Do you feel strongly about a particular philosophy of education? The answers to these questions can guide you to the decision that is right for your child.

Private schools can be expensive. However, there are programs that are surprisingly affordable. Private school can provide a number of benefits to your child. Once you have a list of potential private schools, dive deep into what each has to offer in order to determine if the cost is worth the benefits.

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