Is Private School Right for My Child? Factors to Consider

08, Jun 2021

Sorting through the options for your child’s education requires some effort. There is tons of information out there about learning and what is best when it comes to school. Ultimately, you, as the parent, will have to make the choice that is right for your child. Private school and public education are the two broad categories to consider when looking at options for education. Which one is right for your child? Factors to consider include class size, classroom design, and curriculum.

Class size

Class size is something that can be difficult to control in public school. If an area grows quickly, it can be difficult if not impossible to keep up with demand by hiring new teachers. As a stopgap, many schools put more students in each classroom than originally planned. This can create a situation where the student to teacher ratio that is higher than is ideal. Private schools have more control over class size because admission to the program is easily controlled. If the number of students gets too high, a private program can close admission and put interested students on a waitlist. Then, as more teachers get hired or space opens up, students can be admitted without over-crowding the classes. If class size is an important factor to you, private school is the best option.

Classroom design

Classroom design is another factor to consider as you look into private school for your child. Private programs have flexibility when it comes to the way they design the classroom. For example, the classroom design at a Montessori school is child-centered. The classroom is set up in a way that makes it easy for students to access what they need and engage in self-directed learning. Private schools have freedom to choose how they design the classroom. The restrictions that public schools have on what they teach, along with larger class sizes, makes it difficult for public schools to vary classroom design. Private schools can base classroom design completely on the educational philosophy which they espouse. If you are looking for a classroom that is intentionally designed, consider private school for your child.


As you compare private and public school, curriculum is the area where you will see the biggest differences. Public programs have the foundational elements of their curriculum dictated by the state. Public schools must show that they are meeting a particular set of standards in the way they educate students. Students are measured against those standards. Private schools, on the other hand, have freedom to choose the curriculum they will use. You can find a private school that uses curriculum that aligns with your own educational philosophy. If you are looking for a school that adheres to a particular philosophy of education, private school is the best option for your child.

Private school can provide a number of advantages over public school. The flexibility that private programs have makes it possible to find a private school that meets all of your child’s needs as well as your expectations.

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what is montessori learning

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