Options for Paying Admissions and Tuition Costs for Private School

08, Feb 2022

There are clear ways that private school can be a better option than public school. You can choose a private school that aligns with your own beliefs about learning and education. You can provide your child with an environment that has fewer students per teacher than the typical public school. Your child will have the opportunity to engage in unique enrichment programs that are simply not available in public programs. Private programs have freedoms and flexibility that public schools do not have. The main reason for this freedom and flexibility is the fact that private schools do not receive funding from the state.

No funding from the state means that the school does not have to abide by the standards that are set by the state. Instead, the private program can operate by a different set of standards. These facts are the reasons that many parents gravitate toward the private school option. However, some families are hesitant to fully explore the option of private school because it comes with admissions and tuition costs. Private schools can act independently because they are not state funded – but they still need funds. Those funds come from student tuition. If you are unsure about the financial side of private school, it is a good idea to learn about options for paying those admissions and tuition costs. At Fountainhead Montessori School, for example, you have the option of paying monthly, by semester, or by the year.


Paying monthly for private school tuition means that you will have the total tuition cost for the year broken down into monthly payments. Tuition at Fountainhead Montessori School is billed in twelve equal installments. This makes it easy to work tuition into your monthly budget and make it part of your overall plan. If your concern is keeping each payment low, monthly payments are a great option for private school.

Pay by semester

You also have the option to pay per semester. This payment option prevents you from having to add tuition into your monthly budget. If you want to pay your child’s tuition in a lump sum each semester you can rest assured that school is covered until the next semester arrives. In addition, you can receive a discount when you choose to pay by semester.

Pay by the year

Paying by the year can simplify the process of paying private school tuition. This method means that you only have to address tuition once per year and the rest of the year is covered. If you are in a financial place where you can make a lump sum payment for private school tuition, you can get a discount for paying all at once.

Other fees

There are a few other fees that can be associated with some private schools. For some ages, there are fees related to the admissions process such as an assessment fee and application fee. You will not find those types of fees at Fountainhead Montessori School but it is an important question to ask if you decide to explore other private school options in your area.

There is a cost associated with private school. The benefits your child will receive from a quality private education will make it worth the cost. You can get a detailed description of the costs for attending Fountainhead Montessori School – and options for paying – on the school website.

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