Should I Switch My Elementary Aged Child from Public to Private School?

27, Jul 2021

There are some good public schools out there. You can find administrators, teachers, and staff in some public programs who work diligently to provide what is best for each student. The unavoidable reality is that there is only so much that these caring adults can do to impact the educational experience of each child. Resources and time are limited and many public programs are overflowing with students. And, sometimes, a student simply needs something different than a public program can provide. If your elementary aged child needs more than what he or she is getting in public school, it is time to consider private school.

When is the right time to start in private school?

Ideally, you would get your child started in a high-quality private school from the very beginning. Starting private school at pre-school or kindergarten gives your child the most time possible to experience the benefits of a private education. If your child is already past that age and in elementary school, the next best time to get started with private school is now. Your child can still benefit from everything that private school has to offer – it’s not too late. Get started today looking at options for private school.

What are the benefits of switching to private school?

The benefits of private school are typically what help parents make the decision to move their child from public school. Private schools have more freedom than public schools when it comes to choosing curriculum. Private programs have the ability to carefully control class size by closing admissions when the program gets to capacity. In addition, private schools do not have to deal with the same level of red tape that public programs face when attempting to bring in enrichment programs. If your child has been in public school up to this point, the differences that private school offers will be clear when you start looking at options.

Will the switch to private school be difficult?

There are plenty of reasons to switch your elementary aged child from public school to private school. As a parent, you may have concerns that the switch will be difficult for your child. The reality is that any change can be difficult. Your child may feel some apprehension about leaving what he or she knows to embark on something new. Facing the unknown can feel overwhelming for an elementary aged child. One way to help make the transition easier is to schedule a campus tour and class observation at the school you choose for your child. Going to campus and seeing the classroom will help your child know what to expect and make the transition easier.

A high-quality private school can offer your child a long list of benefits. The right school can help prepare your child for success in higher education and in life – even if your child doesn’t get started with private school until elementary.

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