Three Reasons Private School is Better for Your Gifted Child

05, Dec 2019

A private school can serve students with a variety of learning styles and varying academic abilities. Parents with gifted children often consider the option of private school when they find that the design of public schools cannot meet the needs of their gifted students. If you have a gifted child, private school can be a much better option than public school. The reality is that private schools can meet the needs of your child better than the typical public classroom. The design of private school allows for increased flexibility in the curriculum that is taught, the ability to individualize learning plans, and the opportunity for self-paced learning.

Increased flexibility in the curriculum that is taught

The teachers in public school classrooms are limited in what they can teach by layers upon layers of red tape. There is a standard curriculum that public school teachers are expected to teach, and there is not much flexibility when it comes to how and when to teach it. One of the main reasons for this is because of standardized testing. There is a lot of pressure on public schools to show excellent overall test scores. This pressure often leads teachers to feel like they have to teach for the test instead of focusing on the actual learning of the students. It is difficult and sometimes impossible for public school teachers to find the time to expand on a topic beyond the minimum requirements or explore other topics of interest for students. This design can be extremely detrimental for gifted students who quickly and easily grasp the core curriculum. In the private school classroom, teachers have much more control over the curriculum that is taught because they do not have to deal with the same red tape that public school teachers experience. Your gifted student will benefit from this flexibility by being exposed to curriculum that is challenging and interesting.

The ability to individualize learning plans

Private school is a better option for your gifted child because the small student to teacher ratio allows for individualized learning plans. In a small private classroom, the teacher can learn the needs, interests, and learning styles of each student. The teacher can apply that knowledge and develop learning plans that are tailored to each student. This style means that your gifted child will have a learning plan that will provide the challenge that he or she needs.

Opportunities for self-paced learning

The design of the private school classroom also provides opportunities for self-paced learning. This is essential for gifted children because they can easily get bored when they are forced to work on topics that they mastered long ago. A big reason why private schools can provide self-paced learning is that the classrooms are intentionally kept small. The small classroom size allows for much more independence than you could get in an over-crowded public classroom.

If you have a gifted child, you may have already discovered that the public school classroom does not meet his or her needs. A private school can provide the flexibility, individualization, and opportunities that your gifted child needs to thrive. Schedule a time to observe a class and see the difference for yourself.  

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