Tips for Finding the Right Private School for Your Child

16, Jan 2020

Finding the right private school for your child can be a challenge. You want to find one that is in a convenient location, provides the services you need, has an educational philosophy you agree with, and can meet the needs of your child. Start by looking at the options in your area to make drop-off and pickup simple. It is also important to ask about before and aftercare if you need those for your child. If there are some viable options in your area, explore the educational philosophy that each program espouses. As you learn about the educational philosophy of each program, keep the needs of your child in mind.

Look in your area

There are many excellent private school programs throughout the country. If you are willing to move or send your child away to school then, by all means, explore programs from all over. However, if you plan to stay in the area, you need to start your search based on location. Look at all of the private programs that are within a convenient driving distance from your home or work. Fortunately, in Dublin, CA and surrounding areas, there are several high-quality private school programs available.

Ask about before and aftercare

Another element related to logistics that you need to consider is before and aftercare. What will your child do during the time that you are at work before the program begins and after it ends? Do you plan to have before and aftercare in a separate location from the school? How will you get your child back and forth between the two locations? These areas legitimate questions to ask because they can impact which program you choose. The most convenient option is to find a high-quality private program that also offers before and aftercare.

Learn about the educational philosophy

A big part of finding the right private school for your child is learning about the educational philosophy at each program. It is important to find a program that aligns with your beliefs about learning and education. If you are unsure about your educational philosophy, this search will allow you to explore what you believe about how children learn. The programs you are considering can provide you with information regarding their philosophy about education as well as their approach in the classroom.

Consider the needs of your child

The final (and perhaps most important) tip for finding the right private school is to consider the needs of your child. If your child is advanced, then you need to choose a program that will allow him or her to move at a quick pace. If your child needs a high level of individual instruction, look for a program with a small student to teacher ratio. One of the biggest benefits of going with private education is that you can choose a program that meets the unique needs of your child.

It is good to have options when it comes to finding a private school program for your child. Once you narrow your options down to a manageable list, set up a time to visit the campuses, and observe a class. A classroom observation will be the final step in helping you determine which program is the right fit.

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