Choosing the type of education your child will receive is an important decision. The experience that your child has during the early years of education will impact learning in higher grades and throughout life. The first big decision you need to make is whether your child will get a public or private education. Public and private education differ in a number of important ways. If you are trying to decide which program is best, keep reading to learn about the top three reasons you should seriously consider a private education for your child.

Provide your child with a more individualized education

Choosing a private school for your child will provide him or her with a more individualized education. Public class sizes seem to keep growing larger and larger. In some public schools, teachers can spend more time on discipline to keep students in line than they do on actual instruction. In private school, classroom sizes are kept small to allow for individualized attention and instruction. For example, in private Montessori programs teachers develop individualized learning plans for each student. If you are looking for a program where your student will get an individualized education, then private school is the best option.

Give your child access to unique enrichment and learning opportunities

Private school programs have more freedom and flexibility than public schools to provide students with unique enrichment and learning opportunities. In public programs, any changes or deviations from the norm require teachers to cut through a thick layer of red tape with no guarantee of approval. Private school teachers and administrators can develop curriculum, offer enrichment programs, and provide unique learning opportunities without jumping through a bunch of hoops. For example, Fountainhead Montessori regularly adds new enrichment programs and discovery camps to provide students with new and unique learning opportunities.

Focus on learning instead of test scores

The focus of a private school program can be very different from that of public programs. The success of public school students is measured, in part, by their performance on standardized tests. The pressure for students to perform well on these tests is so intense that administrators, teachers, and students all feel it. This pressure can lead teachers to focus on training students to be good test takers instead of life long learners. Private school programs, on the other hand, have the freedom to focus on learning and measure students against themselves instead of using standardized tests. This can make a big difference in the quality of education that your child receives.

This is a brief overview of the many ways that your child can benefit from a private education. If you want to know more, schedule a time to observe a class in person. You can see how unique private school can be by observing a class in action.

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