Where to Start Your Research About Montessori Schools in the Bay Area

17, Nov 2020

Selecting the right school for your child should start with an extensive research process. The reality is that there are a number of private schools in the Bay Area from which to choose. If you have already decided that Montessori school is what you want for your child, then you can narrow down the options significantly. Knowing the type of school you want is a good place to start because it will save you from having to research every private school in the Bay Area. However, there are still multiple options in the Bay Area if you have narrowed your choices down to Montessori programs. In order to choose the Montessori school in the Bay Area that is right for your child, you need to start your research with the teachings of Maria Montessori, the locations of the various schools, the information available online about the programs and in-person class observations.

The teachings of Maria Montessori

Learning about the teachings of Maria Montessori is a good place to start your research about Montessori schools in the Bay Area. If you have a solid understanding of the Montessori Philosophy, it will help you determine how closely each program follows that philosophy. Many people choose Montessori education because the core tenets of the Montessori Method align with their own beliefs about education. If that is you, then it is important to find a program that closely follows the Montessori Method. Expanding your own knowledge of the Montessori Method will make it easier for you to spot the programs that are a good fit.

The locations of the various Montessori schools

Mapping out the locations of the various Montessori schools in the Bay Area is another important part of your research. The Bay Area is comprised of multiple cities. You may find a Montessori school in the Bay Area that is farther away than you are willing to drive. Decide what type of commute you are willing to drive each day and then establish a geographical search area. This process can significantly reduce the number of Montessori schools that you need to explore.

Information available online about the different programs

Online research will help you further narrow down the options for Montessori schools in the Bay Area. Take a look at the websites for each program that falls within your geographical boundary. The information on the website can help you determine if the program follows the Montessori Method closely and give you important information about what to expect and how to apply for admission.

Class observations

Once you have completed the research steps outlined above, the final step of the process is to schedule class observations. Observing a class will provide you with a lot of insight into how things are done in a particular school. You can see the design of the classroom, how the teacher interacts with students, and how students interact with the environment during a class observation. This step in the research process can help you choose between the Montessori programs that remain on your list.

When it comes to finding a Montessori school for your child in the Bay Area, you have options. Having options is a wonderful thing, but it does mean that you will have to spend some time researching those options before you can make a decision.

Fountainhead Montessori School has multiple campuses in the Bay Area and is a great place to start the process of finding the right program for your child.

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